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Cirno here! After a long hiatus from Tai being a lazy Oni this post is just a little bit of a catch up!

During Tai’s laziness I’ve been adventuring around the world! Flying is hard work and I had to come back for sure now since the summer heat is settling in and it’s hard for an Ice Fairy to fly around in the hot sun. Coming back I saw a few things of Tai’s that I knew were new since I last visited…

 Cirno and Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus for PS Vita

One of the numerous manga Tai is currently reading... it has a little blue haired girl in it like me! She sure eats some delicious looking things!

Excuse me Tai, who are THESE girls!?

This is how I plan on staying cool this summer! Going to be a hot one so be safe!

I imagine we’ll have more photo’s after this… “Acen Anime Convention” that Tai is taking me too. Hopefully I have a good time and it’s not too hot for me! I will use the time in between then and now to whip Tai out of being lazy!

Get to work Tai!

– Cirno


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Battle Fairy – 11/06/2010   Leave a comment

Hello everyone! Cirno here, back from an extended vacation! Tai apologizes for not being able to keep up with this blog until now since he’s been so busy with school work and working at schools. He has however found time to do some side projects during his small amounts of free time. Many recent pictures will be shared at the end of this blog so make sure to stay on board with me, ok~ ❤

Things have been going well other than Tai always being busy with school now. The days are getting colder with winter getting closer and closer! I can feel the tingle in me as the wind runs chills through me. Speaking of chills, Tai introduced me to something called "Halloween", something about it being a pagan holiday with harvests and something, but all I know that matters is that it mean's costumes and free candy! Tai didn't let me keep any of the super sugary candies and he sorted what I go and told me what I could eat and then took the rest, dumped it into a bowl and stuck the bowl outside for straggling trick or treaters to take. It was very hard to let go of all that candy…

One of the projects Tai is working on is one he started for Halloween but due to money he has had to extend the amount of time to finish the project to buy more supplies. He's making me a suit of armor! Now I can be Battle Cirno, strongest warrior of Gensokyo! Not even that red-white shrine maiden will be able to stop me, hahahahahahah!

I've also been told by Tai that we're going to be attending something called an "Acen" ( Anime Central ), which is a game and anime convention in Rosemont, IL in May. He say's I'll be able to meet my Gensokyo friends there maybe and have fun wandering the halls. Sounds fun and I look forward to it! :3

Well Tai needs his computer back so that he can do MORE work for school… I wonder when he'll ever get a break so that we can play more together…

Enjoy the pics below!

– Cirno

Cirno in the Sunlight
Cirno with a halloween doll
Cirno with a Halloween Ball
Cirno holding Tai's glasses
Cirno with all of Tai's Touhou stuff.
Cirno trying on her incomplete armor to make sure it fits well.

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Tai’s Note – Cirno’s Holiday – 11/06/2010   Leave a comment

Holy cow it’s been a long break! Much longer than expected! But in order to make up for it I have pictures of Cirno and pictures involving a new project for our little fairy. Look forward to them in Cirno’s post!

– Tai

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Tai Note – No Cirno Post this week – 10/3/2010   Leave a comment

Sorry guys, but with homework and my practicum for my degree I won’t have the time to post Cirno’s blog for this week, please look forward to a post later this upcoming week by the 10th of October. Thanks a lot.

– Tai

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After Party – 9/25/2010   Leave a comment

Last night was Tai’s birthday, now making him 23 years old! He had cake, ice cream, and pasta for dinner, and even though it was his birthday he came home with a gift for me at the end of the day.

Right now Tai has books everywhere on his desk, table, bed and floor as he types away at his keyboard and writes stuff in his notebooks. He seems to be trying to do a lot of work in a short amount of time. His brow is furrowed as he rushes to do this work while he is being called upon by his parents to also help clean the house for family that is coming over tomorrow. Tai is so busy and hard pressed on the weekend of his own birthday, poor guy…

Ayu is on her way to see us as we speak! Tai seemed surprise how cheap her plane ticket to come see us was as he received his confirmation email.

Future plans for going out include an October get together with Suigetsu and others at the Arboretum for the Fall Colors of the trees for another photoshoot, I can hardly wait to go play in the trees again!

Until next time!

– Cirno

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Busy Little Fairy – 9/18/2010   Leave a comment

Hello everyone! Sorry for the late post but I’ve been so busy!

Let’s start with the news of the unveiling of Volk’s Touhou dollfie photo release for their dolls of Marisa and Reimu that will be available in Japan only on October 19th. The photos of them can be seen at This Site . Tai also says that soon the preorder release of a plush doll of Ayu Tsukimiya will be released late this month and that Ayu-chan will be joining us, she can be seen here at Ami Ami’s store.

Life has been getting busy with fall coming to soon be followed by winter, and there is only so much I can get done by myself since Letty is still no where in sight. I’ve started playing a game called BlazBlue on Tai’s Xbox, and I am greatly enjoying playing as Jin, he can freeze stuff like me! Though Tai always seems to like being that Taokaka cat girl.

With fall fast approaching and taking hold of us the fall season for anime is coming too. Looking at the titles coming out not much looks interesting though. Looks like it’ll be a winter of watching older series with Tai.

Anyways, it’s time for me to go so I will talk with you all again later~ Next time there will be new photos so make sure to drop by in a week, bye~

– Cirno

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Happy Cirno Day – The Str⑨ngest Day – ⑨/0⑨/2010   Leave a comment

Today is Day ⑨, Cirno Day. The day we all take time to celebrate the strongest of all, Cirno. Our Cirno here will be celebrating her Birthday today as to mark her beginning officially. For now here is a picture of the midnight party when the clock sounded the day of ⑨. Cirno will be sure to post later after her day is done I am sure.

– Tai

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